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Minecraft 1.8.1 Chinese version

Game introduction

Speaking of sandbox games, you must mention the classic “Minecraft”. Excellent gameplay is the root of its popularity. The previously updated version 1.8 has a major update in game features and structure. Now “Minecraft 1.8.1” further optimizes, updates and fixes a lot of BUG on this basis, so that we can better experience this amazing work.

Minecraft 1.8.1

“Minecraft 1.8.1” is a 3D first-person sandbox game. The world presented is not gorgeous graphics and special effects, but focuses on gameplay. Players are doing two things: “building” and “destroying” in the game, but by combining and piecing together Lego-like building blocks, you can easily create cabins, castles and even cities, but if you add the player’s Imagination can be realized in the same way as cities in the sky and underground cities.

Game mode

The game provides players with two choices of single-player and multi-player games. There are three game modes in single-player games.

Creative mode: There are unlimited resources here, you can wander in a completely free world, you can destroy various blocks, collect various resources, and create everything you can imagine.

Survival mode: When entering this mode, the player does not have any props to use at the beginning. You want to explore the world, collect various resources and make tools during the exploration, not only to improve your level, but also to maintain your physical strength and health.

Extreme mode: This mode is a hard mode. The game is full of dangers, and you have only one life. Can you survive?

Game strategy

How to use the Comfortable and Detailed Material Pack for Minecraft 1.8.1?
The summer texture pack is good, not too bright or too mosaic, and more realistic.

Minecraft 1.8.1 LAN connection?
Use [Single Player] to open your world.
Select the world and
click [Open to LAN].
Click on the LAN and
then click [Create a LAN World].
Then record the following thing. Just remember 50301, this is equivalent to the port value, and it will be different every time you open it.
Find the port
and tell your friend your IP and port value!
Let him enter from [Multiplayer Game], and click [Direct Connection].
Connect the address,
enter the IP and port, such as mine:
how minecraft is online
server address
join the server and play with your friends! Only limited to the local area network.

Game review

Free, open, and unrestrained game, and you can add your own original things, this may be the favorite game of most people, “Minecraft” may be so popular after satisfying these, as the game is continuously optimized and improved , The game experience is getting better and better. This “Minecraft 1.8.1” is its latest version, with many improvements and bug fixes. Come and try it out.


Minecraft 1.8.1 Chinese version


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