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Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne v1.26 Chinese version

Game introduction

“Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne” player abbreviation (War3) is a real-time strategy game produced by Blizzard of the United States. It is the third generation of the “Warcraft” series. The game was officially released in 2002 and has been released since release. It has gone through a total of 27 versions from v1.00 to v1.26. provides you with downloads of the latest v1.26 Chinese version of resources.

Modify content

Bug Fix
-Casting Hex at the end of the Demon Hunter’s transformation or the Alchemist’s Potion Rage effect will no longer increase the hero’s speed.
-Restored a modification in 1.25B: “Hellcraft will no longer extend the duration of demon transformation”
-Fixed a bug that could cause some Mac version patches to interrupt the connection to games.

Game cheats

Invincible and one hit kill: whosyourdaddy
unlimited energy : thereisnospoon
mission mode to continue the game even if you fail: strengthandhonor
map fully open: iseedeadpeople
immediately win: allyourbasearebelongtous
immediately lose: somebodysetusupthebomb
forbidden mission default victory conditions: itvexesme
plus gold: keysersoze [gold quantity ] (If the quantity is not specified, the default will increase by 500)
plus wood: leafittome [the quantity of wood] (if the quantity is not specified, the default will increase by 500)
plus gold and wood: greedisgood [quantity] (if the quantity is not specified, the default will increase by 500)
Quick build: warpten
none Population ceiling: pointbreak
Quick research skills: whoisjohngalt
Quick upgrade: sharpandshiny

Battle introduction

Terrorist Tide
(Night Elf Battle)
Chapter 1: The Rise of the Naga, Chapter 2: The Broken Island, Chapter 3: The Tomb of Sargeras,
Chapter 4: The Fury of the Betrayer, Chapter 5: The Situation Balance, Chapter 6: The Rupture of the Alliance
Chapter 7: The Ruins of Dalaran, Chapter 8: Brotherhood

The Curse of the Blood Elves
(The Battle of the Human Race)
Chapter 1: Misunderstanding, Chapter 2: Dark Contract, Chapter 3: Dalaran’s Dungeon
Chapter 4: Searching for Udian, Chapter 5: The Gate of the Abyss, Chapter 6 : Lord of the Edgelands

The Relics of the Cursed
(Battle of the Undead)
Chapter 1: King Arthas, Chapter 2: Evacuation from Lordaeron, Chapter 3: Lady Dark
Chapter 4: Return to Northrend, Chapter 5: Dreadlord The failure of Chapter 6: Lordaeron’s new power
Chapter 7 1: Deep into the underground cobweb cave, Chapter 7 2: Forgotten power, Chapter 3: The passage to the upper kingdom
Chapter 8: Fire and Bazhi Concerto

The establishment of Dolot
(Battle of the Orcs)
Chapter 1: Conquering the Earth, Chapter 2: Ancient Hatred, Chapter 3: Glory and Glory

Operation buttons

Key introduction
Alt-F4 or Alt-q -Quit Warcraft III
Alt-O -Open the options menu
Alt-h -Open the help menu
Alt-s -Open the save menu
Alt-l -Open the read archive menu
F6 -Quick save game
F10- Open/close the main menu
Ctrl-s-turn on/off the sound
Ctrl-m-turn on/off the music
Enter-open the default conversation window
Shift-Enter-open the conversation window for all people in the game
Ctrl-Enter-open the conversation for allies conversation window
Print screen – Screenshot will TGA file format and save it in your installation directory WC3
SCREENSHOTS of Contents under.
Esc-Return to the previous menu
Insert-Rotate the lens to the left
Delete- Rotate the lens to the right

Game instructions
left-click on the mouse-select a unit, building, press the command button, specify the action target
Select the unit on the screen and
the command button of the building activation unit to
confirm the target of a command, the building or treasure, and the location of the skill
Use a treasure to
discard in the hero’s inventory or give it to other heroes.
Click on the mini map to move the screen to the click.
If your troops are mixed, click on one of the units to activate that group of units to use special skills
Right-click-perform smart activities on the target unit/building, ground, or minimap.
Ground-move the unit to the destination, and even if there is an enemy attack on the road, do not fight back the
enemy unit/building-attack the target’s
own unit or friendly army- Follow the target action
tree/gold mine-move the unit to the destination (if it is a resource-collecting unit, collect this resource)
treasures on the ground-the hero walks over and picks up the treasure
in the hero ‘s inventory -picking up the treasure
is being determined When the target of a spell, etc.-cancel the command
, right-click on the mini map while determining the target of a spell, etc.-move the screen to the mini map

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