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Rotating tire Chinese version

Game introduction

“Spinning Tire” is a business simulation game produced and released by the Oovee team. The game uses the Havok physics engine to simulate various difficult landscapes. All you have to do is drive on the worst road in the world. The game has a very realistic climate, lighting and physical effects. The player seems to let yourself be on the scene, you need to have strong perseverance to overcome the difficulties encountered, so as to use excellent driving skills to get out of the muddy road and become a good driver.


Game strategy

How to install the rotating tire mod?
The first step is definitely to download.
The second step is to unzip the file after downloading it.
The third step is to back up the Media folder in the game. Then delete it.
The fourth step is to put the Media folder in the mod folder into the game directory.
The fifth step is to enter the game.

How do I change a rotating tire?
When there is an accident or a scarlet reminder, f1 opens the mini map: click “garage” on the mini map to rescue the car to the garage; in the garage click the v key “advanced mode” and use the mouse to change cars, you can change cars.
Supplement: If the vehicle is loaded with goods, the goods must be abandoned to the garage. Including fuel, wood,
and when opening the minimap, there is a clock in the lower right corner that can be dialed to any hour to avoid uncomfortable darkness.

Game evaluation

This game is biased towards real driving simulation software. Since it is a simulation, you need to have some driving foundation, such as how to deal with some mud walking, how to deal with wading, etc.; the rhythm is very slow, not a racing game, so If you are impatient or like racing, this game is not recommended. In addition, the game can modify your own vehicle by adding accessories to adapt to some road sections. You can also drive different vehicles to perform different operations. In addition, the game’s realism lies in the change of the scene and the change of the vehicle, such as traces on the road, and when the vehicle enters the mud, it will leave mud marks on the wheels and doors. . The various physical effects are very good.
“Coach! I want to drive a trailer to pull my car out of the swamp, what should I do if the trailer falls in too!”

Common problem

1. When the player is running the game, if a prompt similar to the following figure appears, “This program cannot be started because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from the computer. Try to reinstall the program to solve this problem.”

Solution: Please install DirectX9.0c to solve the problem.

2. When the player is running the game, if a prompt similar to the following figure appears, “The application failed to start due to incorrect application configuration. Reinstalling the application may correct this problem”

Solution: Please install Visual C++ 2008 to solve it.

Game review

The complex and harsh roads in “Spin Tire” test everyone, and every step of the way is not easy. The game’s rendering of the environment is very good, the water flow, lighting, climate, etc. are very realistic, making people feel like being in it. At the same time, the physical effects of the game are also very good, slipping, sinking, etc. are all very real.

Game download


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