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Fengyun Three Kingdoms 2.7.6: Phoenix Dance in the World Chinese Version

Game introduction

The action RPG game “Horse and Blade” is loved by some players, and the mod production of this game is also one of the reasons why some players are addicted to this work. Many of them have also produced very good mod works. , “Fengyun Three Kingdoms 2.7.6: Phoenix Dance in the World” is one of them. This work is well integrated with Chinese elements. The game is made with the background of the Three Kingdoms era at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty. It integrates a large number of models of the Three Kingdoms. The sisters of the Three Kingdoms have something to do, then this is your welfare.Fengyun Three Kingdoms 2.7.6: Phoenix Dance World


Game strategy

Section 1: The First Battle of the Yellow Turban

Task 1: Convene 20 (5) young and Dangerous boys to the merchants to apply for hacking people (I wondered why so many people were in a hurry, the battle group only needed a few people, and later I found out that the recruits were too few, or too few; no; no I like to eat spicy spicy soup, so I went to Jianye. When I met the gangsters on the streets of Jianye, after winning the battle, I ran into Jianye businessman. From the businessman’s mouth, he learned that the world was in chaos and the yellow turban was everywhere, and the businessman’s brother was also kidnapped. In order to solve the businessman’s brother, the protagonist begins the first battle.

Task 2: Destroy the Yellow Turban Army outside the city. According to the player level and other parameters, the force is about 20 to 35. The main unit is the Yellow Turban thieves. The long-range weapon is stones, the attack power is weak, and the location of the underground army is known after the fight.

Task 3: Before attacking the stronghold of the underground palace, it is recommended to recruit 30 (10-20) people, and then it is recommended to bring NPC and powerful units to attack the stronghold. The number of enemy soldiers is about 20. After the fight, rescue the merchant’s brother. Don’t worry about returning to the city, first take a look at your own forces. The first BOSS Zhang Bao has a strength of 31-55 (25) people depending on his level. After the fight, he will get his first artifact, the shield black feather fan. Go back to the city and look for it at the hotel. The merchant handed in the task, and the first quarter ended.

Section 2: Fighting the Yellow Turban again

Task 1: Before handing over the task of Zhang Bao from the merchant, first summon and expand the force to 50 (30) people, then hand in the task and learn that the Yellow Turban army has occupied the village. The protagonist needs to help prove the existence of the Yellow Turban and lead 10 merchant soldiers. Pretend to be a passerby to retake the village.

Task 2: After regaining the village, and learning about the existence of Zhang Jiao from the merchants, rectifying the forces, defeating Zhang Jiao outside the city, Zhang Jiao’s force is about 50-70 (30-40) people, and Zhang Bao is the accompanying BOSS. The enemy has more cavalry. It is recommended to destroy the two bosses first. After defeating Zhang Jiao, you will get the Vulcan Scepter and the unknown gem. Find a merchant to hand in the task. The second quarter ends.

Section 3: A trip to the water town

Task 1: The merchant will leave the city and inform the protagonist that Baoyu has a lot of history. It is recommended to find Mr. Shui Jing from the water village.

Task 2: Go to the water town and find Mr. Shui Jing in the innermost part of the village. Mr. Shui Jing has doubts about Baoyu’s origin and decides to let the protagonist and his disciple Chu Yun stand alone.

Task 3: Talk to Chu Yun next to him and enter the heads-up. Chu Yun is a single-handed combination of riding and shooting. It is recommended to draw closer to the battle. Use the Vulcan Scepter before, rest assured to fight, defeat it, you can enter the village to continue fighting. The troop must reserve a place, and after the victory, talk to Shui Jing and Chu Yun will join the troop.

Section 4: Looking for the Four Treasures and Destined Persons

Task 1: Learn from the water mirror that Baoyu’s origin is the Suzaku Baoyu who guards the south, but Zhang Jiao is not the person who really masters the power of Baoyu, and asks the protagonist to find all the four treasures and people who are destined for the world, and then return to the water village to find the water mirror Return to life.

Section 5: Destroy Zhang Liang and rescue the merchants from the army

Task 1: After Chu Yun joins, Zhang Liang’s troops will appear on the map. After defeating, merchants from the army will join, and they can sell the stuff after the war.

Side mission: Jianye Tavern, when the main storyline is completed, there will be a plot of Zuo Ci and Sun Ce quarreling, which is very interesting. Help Zuo Ci defeat Sun Ce in the martial arts field, and then promise to elope Zuo Ci to a paradise. The plot is to be continued.

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Game review

“Fengyun Three Kingdoms 2.7.6: Phoenix Dance in the World” is a good “Horse and Blade” MOD work, the game will players experience a different Three Kingdoms world, all Chinese style game scenes and character models, famous historical battles, character games All are included, and players who like to play riding and hacking mods can download and experience it.

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