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Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge Chinese Version

Game introduction

Remember that Superman Yuri in “Red Alert 2”? This time in the expansion film “Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge”, he will become the leader of an army and fight against the Allied forces. The ambitious Yuri uses his own mind control ability and genetic mutation plan to become the ruler of the world. The strong. There are 14 wonderful single-player missions in the game, and a new multiplayer mode that can operate any three parties: collaborative mission mode.

Game background

It all originated in “Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2” (hereinafter referred to as RA2). One day, the United States suddenly discovered that there were a large number of Soviet troops coming from all directions. US President Dugan questioned Soviet Prime Minister Romanov. Unexpectedly, the Soviet Union wanted to annex the United States and unify the world! Dugan immediately ordered the launch of a nuclear bomb to counterattack, but the Soviet Union already had the ability to control the minds of people. Romanov ordered Yuri to control the launchers, causing the nuclear bomb to explode in the silo, which severely damaged the Allied forces. Dugan sent troops to fight to the death with the Soviet army…


Game strategy

Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge Cheats: After the
war, click CTRL+C+T and enter give me much money.
After the war starts, click CTRL+C+T and enter we are having a good day to you. Invincible

1. Use Yuri to create five creeps, select the creeps, and click on the power plant [also called bioreactor] again, you will see that your power will increase rapidly. This can be used when the base is just established, at that time Funds are tight, and this method does not have to spend a lot of money to build a power plant.
2. Build a mind control tower, and then build a recycling bin. The two work together. The mind control tower can control the enemy forces. After the enemy forces are controlled, don’t let them fight, let them enter the recycling bin, and your money will be rubbed. Squeezed up.
3. Use the replication center to create creeps, and then use genetic mutation skills to convert the creeps into giants and let the giants enter the recycle bin, and you can make money in large quantities. This method saves you from worrying about not having money, and earning as much as you want. The disadvantage is that gene mutations can’t be used if you want to, you have to wait a few minutes before you can use it.
4. Use the engineer to enter the refinery, so you can build buildings around it, build a mind controller and a turret, the two cooperate, you can destroy most of the enemies. If you want to make money, you can also set up a recycle bin nearby, put the controlled enemy into the recycle bin, and make a lot of money.
5. Use five flying saucers to raid the enemy’s base. No matter what else, you will attack when you find the power plant. You will find the flying saucer hovering over the power plant. The enemy’s power system will be paralyzed. Without electricity, his defense system will be paralyzed. , You can do whatever you want. My approach is to bring in a large number of engineers and take his buildings as their own.
6. Use Yuri to find a civilian car, use Yuri to control it, and then bring it to the recycling bin. Generally, one can be recycled. If you can sell it for 1,000 yuan, you will be well-developed if you sell 10 cars.
7. Use the magnetic energy soldier, click on him to select him, then press the ctrl key, click on the magnetic energy tower, you will see the magnetic energy soldier start to charge the tower, doing so can enhance the tower’s attack power, and, in the base due to accidental power outages At that time, the tower is a bit too, so that others cannot use the power outage to raid your base.
8. When using Soviet Russia, build a helicopter that can be deformed. When the helicopter is flying, click the helicopter to make it land, and click again after landing to transform it into a cannon. The giant cannon is similar.
9. Create five terrorists, select them, click on the air defense vehicle, enter the air defense vehicle, and then come to the enemy base after entering, the air defense vehicle is blown out, the terrorist will come out, kill another terrorist, you will see Five terrorists exploded at the same time, and the scene was spectacular.

Common problem

win10 black Solution:
The yuri.exe ra2md.exe gamemd.exe three files with XP PACK3 compatible with 16-bit color to simplify administrator to run the program
Next, create a shortcut, right-yuri.exe perform the same compatibility settings
then In the shortcut bar, add -win after the target, and you can run it in the window,
for example, D:\danjiGAME\101010321\yuri2\YURI.exe -speedcontrol -win

How to enter the game in win7 system:
1. Change the installed folder name Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge to yuri2 [if it is not in English];
2. Check the compatibility mode of gamemd.exe compatibility and select ” Windows 98 /Windows Me”;
3. Check the compatibility mode of YURI.exe compatibility, select “Windows 98 /Windows Me” and execute the game from the game management.

LAN Online Tutorial:
Everyone who participates online downloads the LAN online patch, and then copies it to the Yuri’s Revenge directory; open the game, click on the network, after all, you can see the other party, and then create a new game to be online.

The solution for the same serial number:
If it prompts that the serial number is the same, exit the game first, then open Woldata.key with Notepad, modify the last two digits, then close and save, make sure that everyone’s serial number is different, then OK, finish changing Open the game again to start the LAN online battle of “Yuri’s Revenge”.

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