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Famine Chinese version

Game introduction

“Don’t Starve” is an action-adventure survival game produced and released by Klei. The story of “Don’t Starve” is about a scientist who was transported by a demon to a wilderness in another world. He must use his own wisdom to survive in the harsh wild environment, which is almost like “Tokyo Jungle” plus hands that can move dexterously, or “Minecraft” plus the digestive system.

“Famine” has integrated the latest Chinese patch, integrated the Giant Kingdom DLC and MODs repair patch, and repaired the error that the subtitles were garbled after running the game in the previous version.

Story background

The story of “Famine” is about a scientist, Wilson, who was transported to the wilderness of another world by a demon. He must use his intelligence to survive in the cruel outdoor environment. In “Don’t Starve”, players must use the natural resources in another world to survive and resist the threats of various other world creatures.

Common problem

1. When the player is running the game, if a prompt similar to the following picture appears “…\DontStarveJuRenGuoDLC_chs\bin\dontstarve_steam.exe, the application failed to start due to incorrect application configuration. Reinstalling the application may correct this problem .”

Solution: Please install visual c++ 2008 to solve it

2. When the player is running the game, if a prompt similar to the figure below appears, “xinput1_3.dll was not found, so this application failed to start. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem”

Solution: Please install DirectX9.0c to solve it

Game review

Klei, who once brought us two impressive works of “Flasher” and “Mark of the Ninja”, once again brings players a unique survival game-“Famine”, this picture is full of weird horrors, The works painted in the same rough hand-painted style are unforgettable at first glance. The game has almost no plot and no fixed tasks. Our only task is to “live”. The game is easy to operate and can be completed with a mouse. All operations. The degree of freedom of the game can be said to be unlimited. You can do nothing all day, or you can chase a rabbit for a day. As long as you can survive, everything you do is meaningful.

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