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Cruelty to prototype in Chinese

Game introduction

The background of the game “Prototype” is set in modern New York. The protagonist of the game is a comic-style anti-hero character-Alex Mercer. The protagonist of the game suffers from amnesia. After waking up, he found that he did not know what he had done before. what. You need to use the protagonist’s various superpowers to find his past. In the story, the protagonist Alex is likely to be involved in some of the top secrets of the government’s biochemical research.

Cheat code

Open the main interface of the game, select “Additional” → “Cheat Code”, and then enter “→→←↓↑↑↑↓” in the window that appears (that is, right, right, bottom, left, up, up, down), and then select OK.!

SADFSDGSDG SSDG—make the protagonist into a woman
SDFSDFGSDF—-the people on the street are all naked
ESGGCGRVGRSDGSF—-the people on the street are all cosplay beautiful girls
SFEWRWGDF———-make the aliens Adult cats and dogs
GFSSGDSSSG———The protagonist can take the electric light stick
Thank♂you♂sir Alex puts on Van様’s black armor, which can resist shelling
Ah~My shoulder Alex Keep your blood volume at the lowest critical state without changing
F@CK YOU All pedestrians turn into Heike BOY
Oh we do it Complete all collection tasks in an instant
Deep♂Dark♂Fantasy Spike kill

Character introduction

Personality of Alex Mercer : Indifferent and bloodthirsty, IQ is amazing, fearful, revenge must be reported, memory loss
How Alex became different from ordinary people is still a mystery, and even for himself is a mystery that needs to be solved urgently.

Dana Mercer
personality: clingy and reckless, scheming, big voice, surprising, bold and direct
Alex’s sister, unrespectful and always love gossip, fearless to fight fakes, although she does not admit it, but admires her brother, starting after her brother leaves home Independence

Karen Parker
personality: elusive, smart, dare to take risks, too conceited.
Karen has been engaged in non-confidential viral genetic research in GENTEK for four years. The encounter with Alex is very romantic.

personality: foresight, cunning, split personality,
lustful , unscrupulous, as the founder of GENTEK, the research on junk DNA reproduction is the basis for the development of controllable biochemical weapons for GENTEK, he knows that he has many unintelligible secrets. So, even if you don’t hesitate to do anything, you have to find the answer

personality: brilliant, positive, tenacious, willing to help, honest and trustworthy, and considerate
. He has worked at the São Paulo Hospital for the past ten years. However, when accidentally hitting a corpse in a shooting case, it was discovered that the corpse did not die from a weapon but from an unknown virus.

Main task

The first day of the spread of the virus. Someone released the DX-1118 virus at Penn Station in New York. The corpse of the protagonist Alex Mercer (Alex Mercer) wakes up on the dissection table, without any memory of what happened. After devouring the Blackwatch chaser, learning that the devouring creature can take its memory, Alex Mercer remembered that he had a sister, Dana Mercer, and found her. Alex Mercer tried to return to his home to find clues and avenge the original culprit of the incident, but he was in an ambush by the Blackwatch military organization (Blackwatch). After escaping and returning to her sister Dana’s residence, Dana told Alex that she had found Elizabeth Greene (Elizabeth Greene) in Alex’s computer.

After Alex entered the Gentek (a company name, actually a viral weapons research company) facility, he met Elizabeth Green, who appeared to be a 19-year-old girl. In the conversation with Elizabeth Green, she claimed to be Alex’s mother. Alex was puzzled, and learned from it that Elizabeth Green was also a collection of viruses with special abilities like him, but unexpectedly let her escape, causing the second wave of virus infections in Manhattan.

Game evaluation

Bloody and violent pictures, the protagonist is full of personality, Hollywood-style plot, high degree of freedom of the game. The key elements of these American action games can be said to affect the quality of the game and the range of player acceptance to a certain extent. “Prototype” has been eagerly anticipated by many American action game enthusiasts since its announcement. The player will play the role of a scientist who has lost his memory and will use killing to unlock his past. The game is hard-core and exaggerated. While the players are so addicted, the monotony of the game plot is also exposed. Long-term games are prone to aesthetic fatigue, which is a common problem in most American action games.However, the game pays more attention to details, and some unique systems are worthy of recognition.

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