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Red Alert 3 World War Chinese Version

Game introduction

The story of “Red Alert 3 World War” describes the powerful Soviet-Russian army retreating and the Allied forces are preparing to invade the Kremlin in one fell swoop. General Kukov and Colonel Chadanko are determined to make a desperate move and use an untested secret weapon: the Russian army Space-time machine; As a result, they rewrote history. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Chadenko, the Allied forces were on the verge of defeat, but they unexpectedly discovered that the Shengyang Empire was sitting quietly, and the sacred Emperor Fanglang chose to launch an attack at this moment..

The main storyline mission of the game

There are three factions in Red Alert 3, and there are also three main plots corresponding to each, and the endings of the three plots are different.

Soviet Union : The mission of the Soviet Union ranges from resisting the invasion of the empire, to attacking Europe, counterattacking the empire, and finally defeating the empire and the United States. These include the removal of the betrayed General Kukov and the plot against the prime minister, defeating the three commanders of the Shengyang Empire, killing Emperor Hōro, and finally the general played by the player becomes the new prime minister admired by thousands of people..

Allied forces: The Allied forces first resisted the attacking Soviet forces desperately, and then united the Soviet Union against the empire. In the meantime, he killed the anti-communist President Ackerman and re-antagonized the Soviet Union, finally defeating the other two parties . In the end, the former vice president became the new president and laid out a grand blueprint for a new world of freedom and equality.

Rising Sun Empire: The empire initially raided the Soviet Union, then resisted the Allied forces (later against the Soviet Union Allied Forces), and finally counterattacked the Soviet Union and Europe for victory. (Result of the war against the Soviet Union: Destroy the Kremlin and the time machine, defeat Dr. Celinsky) Among them, the super robot “General Executioner” of the Emperor’s son Darang is full of sci-fi colors and very powerful.

Game strategy

Red Alert 3 World War cd key?
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Red Alert 3 World War Cheats?
After starting the game, press the Enter key to enter:
veday victory in this
level fieldpromotion 5000 prestige B2WS-6JGH-PV7G-PBKP
swissbank 99999 gold
enigma full map
isurrender open level
rosieriveter instant completion of construction
god mode god mode
rocketarmy launch rocket
medic life full
bravery Fearless
neverdie unlimited life

What is the difference between Red Alert 3 World War and Uprising?
Command and Conquer is actually “Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3”, which is the original version of Red Alert 3. The Red Alert 3 World War is a deceptive fake Red Alert 3. It has nothing to do with the Red Alert at all. The real names are the Axis Powers and the Allied Powers. The moment of the uprising is the original expansion of Command and Conquer, just like the original “Red Police 2 Yuri’s Revenge”.

Game description

“Red Alert 3 World War” deleted all cutscenes, so the game size has been reduced by about 4G. If you want cutscenes, please download the Red Alert 3 animation package. The animation package is 4.3G in total. After the download is complete , unzip it, and then copy and paste it to the installation directory of “Red Alert 3”.

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