Game News And Download Game Information The first screenshots of “Call of Duty 18” Chinese official website announces massive details

The first screenshots of “Call of Duty 18” Chinese official website announces massive details

            Activision officially announced the “Call of Duty 18: Vanguard”, which was developed by Sledgehammer and supported the World War II campaign. It first released 20 multiplayer maps and a zombie mode developed by Team T. It is scheduled to be released on November 5 and will land on PC and Host. In addition, Activision also confirmed that “Call of Duty: War Zone” will add a new map and a new anti-cheat system.
《使命召唤18》首批截图 中文官网公布海量细节

“Call of Duty 18” will be built using an upgraded version of the “Call of Duty 16: Modern Warfare” engine. Raven Software plans to launch a World War II themed map for “Call of Duty: War Zone” to cater for the launch of “Call of Duty 18.” Activision also confirmed plans to add a new PC anti-cheat system to “Call of Duty: Warzone” and its new Pioneer map.

“Call of Duty: War Zone” will continue to respect players’ past gaming experience, and will continue to leapfrog modern warfare, Black Ops, Cold War, and pioneers.

The multiplayer game of “Call of Duty 18” will include 20 maps, 16 of which are “designed for core gameplay.”

New features include: more advanced Gunsmith and Caliber systems, the next-generation 2v2 gun battle mode introduced for the first time in Modern Warfare, and Champion Hill (Champion Hill), which is the “Gunfight Battle Royale” hinted at earlier today. )” mode, “Imagine that in a fast, close, and small team battle, 8 teams engage in a series of head-to-head confrontations, and the last team wins.”

Introducing “Call of Duty 18: Vanguard”

Rise across the board on November 5th: Witness the origin of special forces in a fascinating plot battle. Become a member of the special forces in an adrenaline-filled multiplayer game. Experience the zombie mode multiplication that expands the zombie universe. Fully integrated with “The War Zone”, including a new map later this year.

《使命召唤18》首批截图 中文官网公布海量细节

This is an unprecedented World War II battle. Play a key role in reversing history, set up the first task force in the key battlefield of World War II, and witness the origin of modern special forces. 20 maps are released simultaneously with the game, allowing you to become the ancestor of special forces in multiplayer games. Prepare for the first zombie ride in the series. In the fully integrated “Call of Duty: War Zone”, experience a new huge map. This is the largest “Call of Duty” ride in history, and it is equipped with the next-generation “Call of Duty” engine from “Modern Warfare”.

This is “Call of Duty 18: Pioneer”.

The award-winning Sledgehammer Games is responsible for the development of Call of Duty 18: Vanguard. The game will be officially launched on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC (Blizzard on Friday, November 5.

Single player game plot campaign: rewrite the face of history

《使命召唤18》首批截图 中文官网公布海量细节

Experience World War II in the eyes of the multinational heroes who formed the first task force, and laid the original shape of today’s special forces. A grand introduction to “Call of Duty 18: Pioneer”:

Second Class Lucas Riggs, 20th Battalion, Australian Ninth Infantry Division, British Eighth Army.

Sergeant Arthur Kingsley, 9th British Paratrooper Battalion.

Lieutenant Wade Jackson, U.S. Navy Sixth Reconnaissance Squadron

Lieutenant Polina Petrova, 138th Rifle Division of the Red Army

Although these four playable characters were captured by the Axis powers, they overcame the chaos and fear of war and slowly rose up on their respective battlefields. While fighting hard on the global battlefield, they also quietly laid down today’s special forces. Basis.

This exciting plot battle will lead players through the four major battle lines of World War II. At the same time, you must also prepare your heart for the destiny of mankind.

Players will embark on the journey of these weather-beaten soldiers, re-experience the different World War II battles that changed the situation on the east-west front in Europe, and go to the Pacific and North Africa to fight for freedom. Whether it’s air combat over Midway Island, defending Stalingrad in the sight of a sniper scope, airdropping into France, or smashing a bloody road in North Africa, these will be what you can do in the “Call of Duty” series. The combat experience gained. Show your golden spirit and warrior spirit in the endless battles of hope and chaos and the beautiful city devastated by merciless warfare.

Multiplayer: 20 initial maps and more game modes

“Call of Duty 18: Vanguard” will be launched with 20 multiplayer maps, 16 of which are designed for the core game. “Call of Duty” will take you through countless battles through a classic combat experience and become the prototype of today’s special forces.

Sledgehammer Games has a fast-paced and strategic first-person shooting experience, and many new gameplays have been carefully designed. Including the enhanced gunsmith and caliber system, the original reactive environment has been brought to a new level, and the next-generation mode “Champion Ridge” based on the “Modern Warfare” 2 vs. 2 gun battle mode as the design prototype is also brought. Imagine 8 teams fighting hard in a battle environment with rapid pace, close combat, and small teams. Only the team that survives to the end can win.

We are about to release more information about the public beta and multiplayer games, so stay tuned.

Zombie Mode: A bloody horror experience presented by Treyarch

《使命召唤18》首批截图 中文官网公布海量细节With excitement, we solemnly introduce to you the new zombie mode developed by Treyarch Studios, the first series of “Call of Duty: Vanguard”. This joint ride will continue the plot of Dark Aether while bringing you a familiar game experience. After “Pioneer” was released on November 5, while fighting the undead army, while searching for the origin of the zombie mode of “Black Ops Cold War”.

We will also release the zombie mode intelligence of “Call of Duty 18: Vanguard” on Halloween.

“Call of Duty: War Zone”: new map and new anti-cheat system

“Warzone” will launch a new map later this year, creating the history of the “Call of Duty” series! Under the leadership of Raven Software, “Warzone” will also bring a new anti-cheat system when the new map is launched.”

“Call of Duty: War Zone will continue to improve your gaming experience by sharing progress. In other words, players of “Modern Warfare”, “Black Ops Cold War” and “Pioneer” will all enjoy the following content:

Will be able to continue to enjoy all the progress obtained in the War Pass or the shop bundles purchased.

You can play one (or all four) of the integrated Call of Duty games-namely Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War, Vanguard and War Zone, and continue to upgrade your War Pass.

You can use weapons from different episodes of “Call of Duty” to freely match your “Warzone” battle configuration.

“Warzone” will also introduce a complete integration between “Call of Duty: Pioneer” and “Warzone” when the new map is released later this year.

As “Call of Duty 18: Pioneer” and “Warzone” will share free post-launch content, we will also bring the largest number of new maps, modes, game lists, limited time modes, season events, and community events in history. Provide the most synchronized “Call of Duty” experience.

More “Call of Duty 18: Pioneer” and “Warzone” information as well as a new anti-cheat system will be released simultaneously with the launch of “Pioneer”.

“Call of Duty 18: Vanguard”: From a strategic point of view

“Call of Duty 18: Pioneer” uses the next-generation engine of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” to bring the most realistic and shocking visual effects while enhancing the gaming experience. “Call of Duty 18: Pioneer” uses the integration, cross-platform, cross-progress and cross-generational support of “Warzone” to bring the most advanced “Call of Duty” experience to date.


Additional features of “Call of Duty 18: Vanguard”:

All players in the PlayStation (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5), Xbox (Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox Series X) and PC version ( communities can team up and have fun together. No matter which platform you are playing on, you will not lose your progress and personal battles.

A large number of free content after the listing, including new multiplayer games and zombie mode maps, season interactions, community activities and more.

The War Pass system will soon meet with you again, allowing you to unlock a series of exciting content after the game is released, and you can also share progress in “Call of Duty 18: Pioneer” and “Call of Duty: War Zone”. As usual, as long as you play the game, you can unlock rich content such as basic weapons and customized items.

“Call of Duty 18: Pioneer” is published by Activision. Sledgehammer Games is responsible for the development of the game, Treyarch is responsible for the development of the zombie mode. “Call of Duty: War Zone is developed by Raven Software. Beenox, Demonware, High Moon Studios, Activision Shanghai Studio and Toys for Bob joined forces to support the development of “Pioneer” and “Warzone”.

Cooperative retailers are now open for player pre-orders, or you can pre-order games on

Rise across the board!


First batch of screenshots:

《使命召唤18》首批截图 中文官网公布海量细节《使命召唤18》首批截图 中文官网公布海量细节《使命召唤18》首批截图 中文官网公布海量细节《使命召唤18》首批截图 中文官网公布海量细节《使命召唤18》首批截图 中文官网公布海量细节《使命召唤18》首批截图 中文官网公布海量细节

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