Game News And Download Game Information “GTA6” may be the industry’s new benchmark using AI machine learning solutions

“GTA6” may be the industry’s new benchmark using AI machine learning solutions

According to most reports, “GTA6” will be released for many years. Considering the development time of “Red Dead Redemption 2”, you won’t be too surprised.?R Star quickly launched games such as “GTA3”, “GTA: Sin City” and “GTA: San Andreas” from 2001 to 2004.?And now it takes more time for R Star to launch a game.?Why is this? Because their games are becoming more and more realistic, pushing the limits of design, and making full use of the hardware that runs them, which is why they are able to become the leading developers in the industry.

At the recent GDC 2021 conference, Star R stated that they are exploring machine learning solutions.?Improve the response and quality of humans/animals with lower production costs, and have a better balance between the AI ??and the characters controlled by the player.


The specific impact of this technology on the future “GTA6” and more games in the future is hard to say, but it sounds like R star is mainly studying the relationship between this technology and AI, and AI is a video game. An area of ??development that has not seen a lot of meaningful improvements recently.

To explain this research, R Star revealed in the same speech that Ma has more than 3000 animations, involving 23 unique mobile styles, which is a huge workload for the animation team.?However, this does not sound like the pinnacle of the R Star game, but just the tip of the iceberg, which is why R Star is exploring machine learning.?Because it is impossible to send an animation team to apply the work of “Red Dead Redemption 2” horses to the entire game.

It seems that after “Red Dead Redemption 2” raised the benchmark for game design and technical achievement in 2018, Star R will once again raise the benchmark for the game industry through “GTA6”. Although “GTA6” looks “unexpected”, it is at least worth it. Waiting.

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