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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Features

You’ve heard a lot of rumours of what’s in and what’s not, right? Don’t believe it until you see it here – this is the real deal.

  • A Bigger, Better City
    Liberty City was big. Vice City is huge. It’s about three times the size of Liberty City, more complex and better detail. 

  • Motorcycles (Also see dedicated vehicles section)
    Motorcycles bring a whole new mode of transport to the next generation of the GTA series. It has to be said, the original motorcycles in the original GTA kicked arse. Sure they were flat images in a mostly-flat world, but the fact you could hop on a motorcycle and speed away from anyone, down the middle of a road was excellent. Now they’re back, in the GTA next-generation of 3D. Watch the PCJ-600 and the Freeway in action (Requires QuickTime)
  • 9 Hours Of 80s Style Radio
    Radio brings the GTA series to life. This time, there’s longer broadcast’s totalling to over nine hours of 80’s music. Radio stations include: Emotion 98.3, Flash, Espantoso, Fever 105, V-Rock, Wave 103, and WildStyle Pirate RadioClick here to check out our dedicated soundtrack section 

  • Helicopters
    Unlike GTA3, you are able to fully fly helicopters in Vice City. Although these will be hard to get hold of, they should be easier to fly than GTA3’s half-winged ‘dodo’ plane. Choppers become available after you take over Diaz’s mansion. You can also find a news chopper at the VCN News building. 

  • Better Streaming Technology
    Now, we know many of you are asking yourself “What the heck does that mean?”. Simply put, it means you’ll get better detail, an extended draw-distance, and lot’s of one-time features (such as people on skates, criminals being chased by police, etc. It also means faster loading times and fewer slowdowns. 


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